Nick Williams-Ellis Garden and Landscape Design


This walled courtyard was created as the sheltered back garden to a brand new house and started as a completely blank canvas, with no existing paving or plants within it. Circular routes and different textures of paving were used to introduce variety into a space that measured only 8 by 17 metres. The owners are passionate about plants and this garden is filled with a rich variety of foliage. Moving around this garden now, one has a sense of exploration with constantly changing perspectives, and one is no longer so aware of where the edges of the garden lie.

1. Differing paving textures create interest in a confined space without becoming too busy. The sound of water playing in the raised pond is refreshing on really hot days when the courtyard feels positively mediterranean.

2. The flowing circular spaces within the courtyard help disguise the corners and boundaries of the garden, thereby enhancing the sense of space.

3. Even within a small space, curving paths tempt one to explore.

4. The exotic planting, much of it half-hardy, provides an exuberant counter-point to to the hard landscaping.

5. Corners filled with a variety of pots and containers all help make this a very personal garden.

6. Plan of garden.

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